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Keyword Fisher 2.2 - Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Fisher is the ultimate free keyword suggestion tool. Most other keyword suggestion tools and web sites out there use computer algorithms to try to guess keywords. Keyword Fisher puts your top competitors' web pages and keyword research to work for you!

Version 2.2.0 Released January 18, 2011.
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista Compatible

Software Archive Administrators:
Add Keyword Fisher to your archive with our Keyword Fisher PAD File.


Keyword Fisher Screenshot Keyword Fisher Screenshot

How it works:

1) You input or import an starting list of keywords you'd like to target.

2) Keyword Fisher performs searches on those keywords and visits the top ranking sites for each keyword specified.

3) Keyword Fisher collects the keywords your competition is focusing on and tallies them up for you in a report.

Once data collection is complete you'll have a comprehensive list of keywords and phrases that your competitors have spent their time and money to research!

Once collected, your keyword report can be exported to a flat text format which can be used with your other favorite keyword analysis tools or sites. You can also export your expanded list and import it as a new search in Keyword Fisher to get a whole new list of potential keywords, in this way you can grow your keyword list exponentially!

Download the Free Keyword Fisher Installer!




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