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Keyword Fisher 2.0 Released


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Keyword Fisher 2.0 Released

Binary Pros, a leading developer of internet marketing utilities, has released an update to the freeware keyword suggestion utility Keyword Fisher today.

Many website owners and web developers try too hard to focus on major keywords with intense competition. In doing so, they neglect more specific relevant keywords that could easily bring them additional targeted traffic if they just took the time to target them as well.

Keyword Fisher is a good first step in the brainstorming process of new keywords and helps you get a quick idea of which words have fierce competition and which words may be able to easily draw you additional traffic.

"Having a strong base of relevant keywords to work from is important for everyone who is serious about the success of their web marketing efforts," said Chuck Hall, the lead developer on the project.

"Keyword Fisher is a simple and easy to use utility but it's unique functionality allows it to dig up keywords and phrases that similar software programs would never find," he continued.

The new version of the software has greatly improved keyword collection abilities and can find nearly twice as many possible words and phrases than the previous version. It also has a new keyword cleanup utility to help make the collected lists more manageable and to help remove items that may not be relevant and useful.

More information on the program, as well as the free download can be obtained from the web site at:

Current users can update from version 1.1 by downloading and running the following file:

New users can use the same link to install the new version.

Chuck Hall
Binary Pros


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